Evaporating Cooling Pad

  • Raw material: Nordic Paper
  • It adopts the spatial cross linking technology and has high natural water absorb ability, anti mildew ability and long service life.
  • The product contains surface active agent which bring good absorb ability and perversion speed. A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds.
  • The products do not contain phenol that causes skin allergy easily. It’s harmless to human body. Safe, energy saving and environmental.
  • Cooling pad contains 88-90 sheets, satisfactory weight. Proper resin content, better hardness. Appropriate water absorbs ability, longer service life.


Our Cooling pads are energy saving, environmentally friendly and economically viable as they reduce temperatures without gas emissions and at minimal energy costs.

Outside air often contains dust and pollen. Evaporative cooling pad filter the incoming air, removing most airborne dust and pollen particles. The wet cooling pads trap most of these. Particles, which are washed down to the unit reservoir by the circulating water.

Generally installing evaporative cooling costs up to 50% less than refrigerated systems and can save up to 80% of energy costs.

Evaporative cooling does not use environmentally harmful CFC gases.

How It Works

Cooling pads consist of corrugated sheets of Nordic gathered in an opposite sequence, which generates air passage inside the cell. These sheets have very high ability in absorbing water and are chemically treated to prevent disintegration.

Cooling pads well done in closed spaces, which depends upon the negative pressure inside the house induced by suction fans. Meanwhile, the passage of air is restricted only within the saturated cells with water. The air works on evaporating the water that is contained in the cells and passes inside the house with calculated velocity, causing a decrease in temperature.

Where we can use it:

Green House, Poultry Farm, Seed farming, Industrial Cooler, warehouses, Power plant, Offices etc.